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EPU | Summer Schools

The Chinese Studies Center of the University of Salzburg in cooperation with EPU annually organized summer schools in China and Austria until 2019.

In the past, two summer schools were offered:  The China Know-How Summer School (since 1999) was intended for students from Austrian/European institutions of higher education, young scientists and employees of international companies. The Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School (since 2002) was designed for students from Chinese partner universities of the University of Salzburg, from Chinese member institutions of the EPU and further institutions of higher education in China.

Due to the worldwide COVID 19 – situation, the summer schools could not take place in 2020. In the year 2021, the Chinese Studies Center organized the first online version of the Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School. In the year 2022, the Chinese Studies Center organized another online version of the Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School, the ‘Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School 2022 ONLINE – Going Global’, and this time not only for students from China, but also for international students from other countries. Last year (2022), the former Chinese Studies Center was transformed into the Forum Asia Pacific (FOR APAC). The forum will hold the Summer School – now called “FOR APAC INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL” – on-place and welcome many students not only from the Asia-Pacific region, but potentially also beyond this region. Thus, the Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School will not be offered starting with 2023.

The China Know-How Summer School could not be offered since 2019.

The China Know-How summer school was an intensive summer program in the People's Republic of China. Target audiences were students and young scientists from Austrian and European universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as employees from companies with international activity. Courses were held in English by distinguished scholars at Peking University, Fudan University and other Chinese universities.


The summer school program focused on topics such as economics, politics, law, environment, internet policy, foreign policy, language, history, arts, culture, cross-cultural management in modern China and other China-related topics. Seminars by experts, visits to joint-venture companies and exiting sightseeing excursions were included in this program.

Main Locations: Peking University (Beijing) and Fudan University (Shanghai)

The program gave the participating students a basic knowledge of Europe in general and Austria in particular. Lectures and workshops covered aspects of European and Austrian history, culture, economy, law, politics, music, philosophy, psychology and other fields of science and research.

Lectures were offered by the following universities and institutions: the University of Salzburg, University Mozarteum Salzburg, the University of Vienna, the University of Heidelberg (Germany), Paris Descartes University (France), the University of Venice (Italy) and Institutions of the European Union (France, Strasbourg).


For current information on the summer school 2023, please visit the Website of the Forum Asia Pacific at the University of Salzburg and click on this link for Information on the FOR APAC International Summer School 2023.

For further information, please have a look at the following announcement brochure, the long program and the short program

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