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Group 1 to 6:

July 12th to August 9th 2019

Application deadline: April 1st 2019

The program gave the participating students a basic knowledge of Europe in general and Austria in particular. Lectures and workshops covered aspects of European and Austrian history, culture, economy, law, politics, music, philosophy, psychology and other fields of science and research.

Lectures were offered by the following universities and institutions: the University of Salzburg, University Mozarteum Salzburg, the University of Vienna, the University of Heidelberg (Germany), Paris Descartes University (France), the University of Venice (Italy) and Institutions of the European Union (France, Strasbourg).


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Since the year 2002, the Chinese Studies Center of the University of Salzburg in cooperation with the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU) has been annually organizing the Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School for students from Chinese member institutions.


Last year, in 2021, the Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School was held for the first time in an ONLINE format, which was well-received by students from our and the EPU Chinese partner universities and other institutions in China.


The online version of the Summer School allows us to promote a broader exchange between students of different nationalities.

Therefore, we are opening the Chinese –Austrian-EU Summer School 2022 not only for students from China, but also for international students from other countries.


This new online version of the Summer School is a pilot project, which we hope will attract many students from different countries to experience a deep exchange concerning important topics of our global world. It has always been the desire of the participating students to have the possibility to interact with students from different countries. This is also one of the reasons, why we are opening the Summer School to students from other countries apart from China.


We hope that the encounter between students from different cultures and countries will lead to a better mutual understanding and contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world. Another essential aspect of our Summer School is the very valuable chance to discuss with the lecturers, to exchange ideas and to get a deeper understanding of the respective topics. Therefore, we added a discussion session per day, which will provide a precious opportunity to enter into dialogue with the professors of the day.


During the Chinese–Austrian–EU Summer School 2022 ONLINE — Going Global, we will convey knowledge for a more profound understanding of the European Union, European culture and way of thinking. The lectures will explore specific characteristics of China and Europe in various fields, focus on the relationship between China and Europe, as well as provide analysis and reflections on these features and the current global situation.


For this purpose, we organized three weeks of lectures that are arranged as follows: During the first week, after a welcome ceremony and an introduction to our university, the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg - which is celebrating its 400-year anniversary this year. During the first week, there will be lectures on the workings of EU institutions, a focus on EU-China relations and the global significance of Chinese projects in the world.


In the second week, we will focus on humanities, in order to give an insight into various fields such as philosophy, psychology, music, arts and history. The lectures will include comparisons between the so-called “Western” and “East-Asian” thinking, different worldviews and intercultural communication.


For the third week, we will concentrate on essential topics of the post-modern world like climate crisis and sustainability, digitalization and social media, artificial intelligence and digital communication, economy and Brexit. Finally, yet importantly, we are going to cover post-Covid times, the new millennium with China as a new super power, and global governance.



Key Points




Europe will be presented on the following main topics:


•         Internal and International Politics, Economics and Global Governance (with particular regard to EU-China relations);

•         Philosophy, Psychology, Arts, Music and History;

•         Environment, Sustainability, Digitalization and Communication.


You can freely decide which and how many weeks of the Summer School to attend. If you choose to attend the

·         full 3 weeks of the Summer School, you will get 4 ECTS points;

·         for 2 weeks, you will get 3 ECTS points,

·         and for 1 week you will receive 2 ECTS points.


The minimum eligibility requirements for course completion are as follows:

•         Minimum 90% attendance of the total course duration: o 3 weeks: 27 lectures + 13 discussion panels; o 2 weeks: 18 lectures + 9 discussion panels; o 1 week: 9 lectures + 4 discussion panels.

•         Preparatory reading for the Summer School: Stefan Zweig: “Decisive Moments in History” and relative essay (min. 800 words).





It is possible to either apply individually or through the coordinator of your university (please refer to the paragraph ‘Nomination’. If you want to apply individually, please send an email to, or apply through the link:


Deadlines Application deadline: 1st of May 2022

Payment deadline: 1st of May 2022



If your university is interested in nominating students and sending an application list to us (instead of having the students apply by themselves), we kindly ask you to nominate a contact person/coordinator. In this case, please kindly send an Excel list of the nominated students (in alphabetical order) to the following e-mail address:




The costs for the summer school amount to

·         750, - EUR for three weeks;

·         500, - EUR for two weeks;

·         250, - EUR for one week.


Each price includes lectures fees and overhead costs. You will receive our bank information after applying.


Cancelation Fees


If you wish to cancel your participation to the Summer School, please send us a short e-mail with a brief explanation of the reason.
If a student decides to drop out after the 1st of May but before the 30th of May, we will withhold 25% of the costs.

For any drop out between the 1st and the 30th of June, we will claim 50% of the program costs.

After the 30th of June, we are claiming a 100% cancelation fee.


Realization of the Summer School


Our university reserves the right of the final interpretation.


A minimum number of participants is required for the summer school to take place. There is also a maximum number of participants. Therefore, please note that the principle applies: first come, first serve.


We are looking forward to your replies and a successful cooperation in the frame of the Chinese-Austrian-EU Summer School 2022 ONLINE - Going Global. You will receive further information after the application deadline.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Ms. Paola COLOMBO (Project Assistant)


WeChat: lanlan12950                                                                                                   Tel:: +43 662 8044 3904


or please visit our HOMEPAGE 



We sincerely hope that this new online version of our Summer School will awaken your interest and that of your students.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming your students to our exciting virtual journey!

For a factsheet, program and a poster, summing up the above information, please find the documents in the download box to the right.


For a factsheet and program, summing up the above information, please download the following informational poster.