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Information on last summer schools 2018 and 2019

The China Know-How summer school was an intensive summer program in the People's Republic of China. Target audiences were students and young scientists from Austrian and European universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as employees from companies with international activity. Courses were held in English by distinguished scholars at Peking University, Fudan University and other Chinese universities.

The summer school program focused on topics such as economics, politics, law, environment, internet policy, foreign policy, language, history, arts, culture, cross-cultural management in modern China and other China-related topics. Seminars by experts, visits to joint-venture companies and exiting sightseeing excursions were included in this program.


Main Locations: Peking University (Beijing) and Fudan University (Shanghai)





Modern China Studies

Information on last Summer School


This program focuses on topics (among others) such as economics, politics, law, environment, history, philosophy language, arts, culture and cross-cultural management in modern China. The units are conducted in English at Xi'an International University, Peking University in Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai, and at the University of Kong Kong. In addition, seminars by experts, excursions, sightseeing and visits to joint-venture companies are included in this program. The group will start in Xi'an and end in Hong Kong.

Please note that we are only able to issue information on successful applications after the closing date.

All applications will be treated equally, independent of the date of submission.


To be eligible for application, you are either of the following:

  • a student or scientists from an Austrian university, university of applied sciences, or another institution of higher education in Austria

  • a student or scientist from another European university or European higher education institution

  • an employee prefarably of an international company or a company which wants to go international, an employee planning to gain further training or change job, a self-employed person or an entrepreneur

Furthermore, a requirement for aplication is a good command of the written and spoken English language.


  • know-how regarding East Asia, especially China

  • acquisition of additional qualification useful for a potential career in Asia

  • preparing for future trading markets by becoming acquainted with the legal and economic system, labor and production processes, and living conditions in China

  • obtaining a basic command of the Chinese language


The program includes modules in English on the following topics: economics, politics, law, environment, culture, arts, philosophy, traditional Chinese Medicine, finance, Internet, language, and inctercultural communication. Lectures and discussions conducted by experts.

Visits to Austrian and international joint venture companies and excursions,  as well as sightseeing are also part of the program. Exams will be held, with a possible accredition of some courses (depending on home institution).


During their stay in China, the participants will be accommodated in 4/5 star hotels, as well as student dormitories.

COSTS (without airfare and visa fees)

The costs are approx. €2.900,- and include the full program fees of the Chinese universities and for the accompanying program, the accomodation in four- and five-star hotels, the train rides between the cities, the organization fee, as well as a small reserve for unforeseen events and currency fluctuations.

Please be aware that the amount of €2.900,- represents a guiding price. The exact price depends on the currency exchange rate at the time of the payments.

In addition, the flight costs and visa fees have to be paid for by the participant (see below). Also, a travel insurance is strongly recommended and shall be effected if no cover exists.

For further information about the costs and funding of this course, see download box.


The flight reservation has to be made by oneself. Each participant can choose the airline, the routing and the booking date himself/herself. The meeting point will be at the accommodation site in Xi'an on August 18th. The booking shall be made soon after the conrifmation of participation by the organizer (but not earlier), as airfair would be still more favorable.


A Chiense visa for at least 31 days of stay, single entry, is necessary for participation in the summer school. For Austrians or students living in Austria, the competent Chinese consulate is situated in Vienna and can be obtained with the help of the organizer in the course of June. For other participants, the application for the Chinese visa must be made to the local Chinese consulate with jurisdiction over the place of residence in the home country. The visa fee for a single entry normally amounts to €60,-.


Course A will be conducted in one or two groups, depending on the number of participants. You can state your preferences on who you would like to be grouped with in the application form. Please be advised that we will try - but cannot promise - to accommodate your wishes.

For a factsheet summing up the above informations, as well as for programs of past courses, please find the documents in the download box to the right.


Chinese language and cultural studies

Chinese language and cultural studies in Beijing

at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)


China Know-How Course B will not be organized by Eurasia-Pacific Uninet in 2018.

If you want to attend a Chinese language course in summer 2018 or at any later time, please contact the Chinese Studies Center of the University of Salzburg ( and/or Eurasia-Pacific Uninet ( for further information.

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