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​Summer school about Mongolian heavy metal polluted sites and their vegetation: "Move-On"

Irene Lichtscheidl, Gunbilig Disan

University of Vienna, Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Biogenic residues for forest products composites

Marius Catalin Barbu, Chultem Ganbataar

FH Salzburg, Mongolian University of Science and Technology

Towards a robust and accurate video based player detection and tracking in soccer

Arnold Baca, Zhang Hui

University of Vienna, Zhejiang University

Effects of parametrizations and numerical recipes in smoothed-particle hydrodynamic formation

Gerhard Hensler, Rainer Spurzem

University of Vienna, Peking University

Applications of satellite data for assessing natural disasters risks in the Himalayas

Josef Strobl, Subodh Sharma

University of Salzburg, Kathmandu University

GI_Forum 2019, Delegation des Austria-Central Asia Center for GIScience-ACA GIScience

Ainura Nazarkulova, Georg Gartner, Gernot Paulus, Akylbek Chymyrov

University of Salzburg, TU Wien, FH Kärnten, Kyrgyz State University for Construction, Transport and Architecture

GISCA 2019 - GIS in Central Asia Conference

Josef Strobl, Akylbek Chymyrov

University of Salzburg, Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture

Atomic resolution in-situ HR(S)TEM investigation of the grain-boundary segregation behaviour of CA in binary, ternary and quaternary Mg-Al-Ca-Mn system

Li Jiehua, Zhu Jianing, Wang Huiyan, Wang Cheng

University of Leoben, Jilin University

Luminescence spectroscopy for retrospective radiation dosimetry: A continuous collaboration between Korean and Austrian luminescence laboratories

Michael Hans Discher, Lang Michael, Ki Soo Chung, Lee Jungil

University of Salzburg, Gyeongsang National University

Remote sensing, GIS and cartography for environmental and urban applications using Chinese ZY-3 data: Case studies and workshop

Wolfgang Kainz, Wu Huayi, Li Zhilin

University of Vienna, Wuhan University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Impact of phase transformation processes on the facture and brittleness reduction of fused silica bricks for coke oven in service

Jin Shengli, Yin

Montanuniversität Leoben, Wuhan University of Science and Tchnology

Taxation in age of digital disruption

Michael Lang, Wolfgang Obenaus, Liu Jianwen, Zhu Yansheng, Wei Xiong

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Peking University, Xiamen University, Wuhan University

The use of public space in high dense urban areas in Asia and Europe

Wolfgang Dokonal, Marlis Nograsek, Andreasa Voigt, Julia Forster, Tsou Jin Yeu

University of Graz, Technische Universität Wien, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The effect of increased nitrogen deposition on ectomycorrhizas of Pinus Koreiensis

Douglas Lawrence Godbold, Duan Wenbiao

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, North Eastern Forest University Harbin

Ecology and statistics

Arne Cornelius Bathke, Robert R. Junker, Jürgen Breuste, Wolfgang Trutschnig, Xu Jin, LI Junxiang, Zhang Jian

Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg, East China Normal University

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