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Austrian-Chinese workshop on environmental odor: Odor emission - dispersion - impact assessment

Tianjin (China), February 11th and 12th 2015

Sponsored by the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

The 3rd ACTUE international symposium, Towards a safe and saving underground space

Tongji University (Shanghai, China), December 8th and 9th 2018

Organizer: Austria-China Research Center on Tunnel and Underground Engineering (ACTUE), Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Tongji University

International conference, The comparison of constitutional law, Asian-European dialogue

University of Macau, November 25th and 26th 2008

Organizer: University of Macau, University of Vienna

Conference on Water for future generations

Austria-China Research Center for Environmental Protection (Yangling, China), 2008

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Northwest A&F University, Yangling

1st Mongolian-Austrian conference on partial differential equations and stochastics

Vienna University of Technology, October 2nd and 3rd 2007

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Vienna University of Technology

Conference on The current situation of Ger district in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, July 8th and 9th 2007

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, TU Vienna, Mongolian University of Science and Technology

Conference on Eco-energies for future generations

Yangling (China), May 15th to 18th 2007

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Northwest A&F University, Yangling

International symposium 2007 on challenging tunnel construction

Vienna, May 2nd to 4th 2007

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

The complex landslide system at Khingar/Jharkot (Nepal) revisited

Joachim Götz, Jürgen Etzlstorfer, Heidi Bernsteiner

University of Graz, University of Salzburg

In-situ TEM investivation on the microstructure evolution and deformation behaviour of high performance Mg alloys

Li Jiehua, Shan Zhiwei

Montanuniversität Leoben, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Acupuncture and modern eye diseases: a transcontinental pilot study

Gerhard Litscher, Wang Lu, Daniela Litscher, Liu Dongfang, Chen Luquan, Shang Xiaojuan

Medical University of Graz, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Capital Medical University

Development of research and teaching exchange based on energy efficient, sustainable buildings, districts and cities

Agnes Kriz, Peter Franz, Christoph Muss, Buyan Munkhbayar, Li Yunjiang

FH Technikum Wien, Monglian University of Science and Technology, China Three Gorges University

Research school on functional analysis and PDEs

Anton Arnold, Sarantuya Tsedendamba, Enkhabat Remtsen, Tang Shaoqiang

TU Wien, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Peking University

Remote sensing, GIS, and cartography for environmental and urban applications using Chinese ZY-3 data

Wolfgang Kainz, Li Deren, Li Zhilin, Zhou Qiming, Tong Xiaohua

University of Vienna, Wuhan University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Tongji University

Mongolian heavy metal polluted sites and their vegetation

Irene Lichtscheidl, Brigitte Schmidt, Wolfram Adlassnig, Gunbilig Disan

University of Vienna, Mongolian Academy of Sciences


International conference on Health, wellbeing, competence and aging

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, October 23rd and 24th 2010

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, The Chinese University of Hond Kong, Medical University of Innsbruck

International conference on Prevention of age-related diseases

Fudan University (Shanghai), October 28th to 31st 2009

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Fudan University


International conference on Multifacetal aspects of aging and aging diseases

Peking University Health Science Center, October 29th to 31st 2008

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Peking University Health Science Center

TCM: 2007 Sino-Austrian expert forum for Chinese medicine

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (Beijing), September 16th to 18th 2007

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Medical expert meetings in Shanghai and Beijing 2006

Austrian-Chinese Center for Biomarker discovery, A joint center of Peking University, University of Innsbruck, and Medical University of Innsbruck


Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medical sciences


Health care in rural areas


Internationale Vernetzungskonferenz Frauen, Menschenrechte und Gesundheit

Maria Kletecka-Pulker, Khedar Manadher

University of Vienna/MUW, Kathmandu University

Collection and preliminary anti-bacterial screening of plants used in traditional medicine

Adelheid Brantner, Wang Yi

University of Graz, Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Research on bioactive compounds from TCM plants applied against chronic diseases

Adelheid Brantner, Bian Baolin

University of Graz, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Joint project on improvement of ventricular remodeling after MI by Panex quinquefolius saponins and their interactions with Aspirin and Clopidogrel

Ma Yan, Shi Dazhuo, Zhang Dongmei, Wang Shukui

Medical University of Vienna, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing Medical University

"Quality of Life: Towards a better society" (2017)

Stefan Höfer, Daniela Renn, Seung Jong Lee, Daniel Shek

Medical University of Innsbruck, Schwaz Hospital, Seoul National University, The Kong Kong Polytechnic University

ANMMEC - Austrian-Nepali mutual medical education cooperation

Markus Ritter, Doris Lang-Loidolt, Ram Shrestha, Rajendra Koju

Medical University of Graz, Kathmandu University


Benefits of nature in urban development: Planning and design for urban biodiversity and ecosystem services

Jürgen Breuste, Gan Jing, Li Junxiang

University of Salzburg, Tongji University, East China Normal University

Soil erosion in Mongolia: Assessment methods and protection methods

Andreas Klik, Martina Faulhammer, Peter Strauss, Bat Bold, Undrakh-Od Baatar

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, National University of Mongolia, Mongolian Academy of Science

Workshop on Omega Nic farming technology

Jürgen Friedel, Undarmaa Davaasambuu

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Mongolian University of Life Sciences Ulaanbaatar


International Research Collaboration on Gender, Youth and Mobilities

University of Salzburg

Expert conference China's changing values and its impact on society, culture and economy

Fudan University (Shanghai), June 20th to 21nd 2007

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Fudan University

Tourism Conference

University of Vienna, IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences, University of Salzburg, 2007

Organizer: Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

China Know-How Summer School

Judith Suchanek, Wolf-Dieter Rausch, Huang Yumei, Gu Yiran

University of Salzburg, Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, Peking University, Fudan University

Durchführung neuer MBA Modulschwerpunkte in Shanghai

Norbert Gerner, Yin Zhiwen

University of Salzburg Business School GmbH, Fudan University

Intercultural dialogue between Chinese and Austrian Germanists and film scholars

Pia Janke, Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik, Isabel Wolte, Wang Jianbin, Liu Wei, Liu Xuehui

Forschungsplattform Elfride Jelinek, University of Vienna, China Film Consult Wolte KG and more

International Summer University (ISU) Hong Kong 2017

Edith Littich, Pamsy Hui

Vienna University of Economics and Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

International Summer University (ISU) St. Petersburg 2017

Edith Littich, Marina Lathuka

Vienna University of Economics and Business, St. Petersburg University

Digitalization, social media and the family business

Anita Zehrer, Markus Schuckert

MCI Management Center Innsbruck, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Tax barriers to the new silk road II

Michael Lang, Wolfgang Obenaus, Liu Jianwen, Cao Mingxing, Zhu Yansheng, Wei Xiong

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Peking University, Xiamen University, Wuhan University

EPU-workshop technology revolution, public administration & participation: Guangzhou (China)

Judith Schossboeck, Peter Parycek, Marko Scoric, Kobayashi Tetsuro, Zheng Yueping

Danube University Krems, City University of Kong Kong, Sun Yat-sen University

On freedom and imprisonment in Inner Asia

Maria-Katharina Lang, Tsetsentsolmon Baatarnaran, Erdenebold Lkhagyasuren, Damdin Badarayev

Austrian Academy of Sciences, National University of Mongolia, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Buryat State University

Knowledge transfer between Europe and Asia

Friedrich Edelmayer, Richard Trappl, Alfred Gerstl, Li Xuetao

University of Vienna, Beijing Foreign Studies University


SwisSino musical talent study

Lin Wei-Ya, Tseng Yu-Fen

Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, National Taiwan University

Exchange of strategies in teaching and assessment Europe Asia in masterclasses for chamber music and violin

Bing Yu, Ju-Young Baek

Central Conservatory of Music Beijing, Seoul National University Music College

Transcisciplinary and transcultural performance between Taiwan and Austria

Johannes Kretz

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Chinese Culture University Taipei

"Translation" - new approaches to music theatre in Central Europe and Taiwan

Reinhard Karger, Iris ter Shiphorst, Wang Hsiao-Yin, Lin Kueiju

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Chinese Culture University Taipei, Shi Jian University Taipei

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