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Staff perspective: Summer schools

My name is Denise Gubitosi and I am currently studying Art History at the University of Vienna. Last year, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Sinology. I started working at the EPU head office part-time in March 2018, so I have been with the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet for more than one and a half years.

Given that I am a student, from the very beginning on, I was very interested in the summer schools the network offers in cooperation with the University of Salzburg. I believe that they give young people fascinating glimpses into cultures that they rarely get to experience as closely otherwise.

Due to my background in Sinology, I know how very important it is to actively engage oneself in the respective field of study. This is especially true when learning a language or about a culture. Through my many travels to China, I was able to first-hand experience a country I had only marginally dealt with before. During my latter travels, I could also apply theoretical knowledge practically, which is an important part of any study.

Hence, if any of you plan on following a career that might revolve around or include China, I would strongly encourage you to participate in the China Know-How summer school. The summer school is not merely open to (prospective) students of Sinology or similar studies, though. Any student who is keen on learning about Chinese economics, politics, law, history, language, culture, etc. is welcome to participate!



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