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Beijing Dance Academy Visits EPU Association

EurasiapacificUNINET Today On the morning of June 22, Professor Rausch, chairman of the EPU Association, received a visit from the Beijing Dance Academy at the headquarters in Vienna.

During the talks, Chairman Rausch first welcomed the guests' visits, and then introduced the development of the EPU, the cooperation between the organization and the art schools, and the Austrian dances such as modern dance, court dance, folk dance, folk dance, etc. At the same time, he also expressed great interest in Chinese dance, especially traditional folk dance. Beijing Dance Academy is the first dance league school to join the EPU Association. It is hoped that the Chinese and Austrian sides can carry out more exchanges and cooperation in the field of dance art.

Wang Xudong, head of the delegation and party secretary of the Beijing Dance Academy, thanked Chairman Rausch for his hospitality and introduced the overview of the Beijing Dance Academy: Beijing Dance Academy, as the only specialized dance education institution in China, is known as the “cradle of dancers”. It not only has department of dance performance teaching, such as Chinese classical dance department, Chinese folk dance department, ballet department, national standard The Department of Dance, as well as teaching institutions such as the Department of Musical Theatre, School of Creativity, College of Humanities, Continuing Education, and Dance Examination and Leveling Academy, covers subjects such as performance, choreography, education, and art management. The School and Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance are established at Goldsmiths College, University of London. It is the only dance Confucius Institute in the world. They have signed cooperation agreements with dozens of universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, and Poland to maintain active exchanges and cooperation. In addition to strictly requiring students to receive professional studies at the school, the school also encourages and organizes students to actively participate in various types of practice, such as participating in the "Happy Spring Festival" sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office "Four Seas with the Same Spring," and Hanban's three tour performance exchanges. Cultural exchange activities participated in major national diplomatic activities such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the APPEC Summit, the G20 Summit, the "One Belt and One Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum, and the Welcome Dinner of the US President Trump to China.

Wang Xudong expressed the willingness to join the EPU Association on behalf of the Beijing Dance Academy. He hoped to increase exchanges and cooperation in such areas as dance, music, culture, education, cross-cultural studies and other related institutions in Austria and other countries in Europe and Asia. After the meeting, representatives from the Chinese and Austrian sides signed a cooperation agreement and gave each other gifts.

Professor Rausch signed a cooperation agreement with Secretary Wang Xudong


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